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Note for researchers: Jean uses her maiden name of Newlove for her professional work in the theatre. Her married name is MacColl and she wishes to be called MacColl for the campaign, This is appropiate in her family role as mother and grandmother. The campaign is totally separate from her own professional career.

23 Dec 2007 Sunday Telegraph Olga Craig's article points out that the inquiry into Kirsty's death "would be reopened after being quietly shelved a few months ago" and that new subpoenas are to be served by January 15 on two witnesses to the incident.
23 Feb 2006 Dive Magazine "Justice promised for Kirsty MacColl " - based on the syndicated article on Bono's plea during a U2 concert in Monterrey.
15 Feb 2006 Reuters Campaign mentioned with regard to the U2 tour of México.
14 Feb 2006 Courier (Scotland) Expanded article based on syndicated news item. Smaller mentions in the Chicago Tribune.
13 Feb 2006 Ireland Online "The Méxican government promise justice" - syndicated article on Bono's plea during a U2 concert in Monterrey.
6 Jan 2006 IC South London "I'll never give up my fight for justice"
7 Jan 2006 Cyber Divers News Network Syndicated article
21 Dec 2005 The Mirror newspaper Web Site of the Day


Note: this page was not updated for a long time between July 2004 and December 2005. Apologies for this.

31 July 2004

A major piece by Alix Kirsta in The Telegraph, also coverage in The Times, Sky News, The Express and the Daily Record.

30 July 2004

Croydon Guardian.

29 July 2004

Reuters, Yahoo, The Malaysia Star.

28 July 2004

The Times carried an updated feature by Karin Goodwin on the progress of the Campaign. The campaign continues to attract media attention with further articles at the BBC, NME, Irish Examiner. Jean has been interviewed on BBC London News.

2 June 2004

Sport Diver magazine – The magazine of the PADI Diving Society - featured the campaign in its May 2004 edition. The article commenced, "Divers in México could well be better protected following moves to implement tougher rules and regulations after a committed effort from the mother of celebrated singer-songwriter Kirsty MacColl, who was killed by a powerboat while diving with her two sons in Cozumel in December 2000."

"Jean MacColl has had two main points of focus since her daughter’s tragic death. One, to seek justice against the person she believes carries the greatest culpability – the owner of the powerboat, Guillermo Gonzalez Nova, the chairman of a large Méxican company. The second being to ensure that a similar accident cannot happen ever again by campaigning for more severe punishment against those who break the rules that have been put in place to protect water users. Incidentally, the powerboat which killed Kirsty was travelling at high speed in a national park which bans such boats. ........."

4 April 2004

El Universal carries a feature by Corrie MacLaggan online.

1 April 2004

The Mail on Sunday published another major Gillman piece immediately following the trip, which broke the news that the legal authorities were re-opening the investigation into Kirsty's death.

The Times newspaper also carried an article by Elizabeth Mistry about the México trip. (If the link does not work, you can also read the article here)

12 October 2003

The campaign profile was again raised by Jean as part of the annual meeting of Kirsty's fans in Soho Square in London, followed by an Elizabeth Mistry feature in The Independent newspaper the following day.

31 March 2003

Read Julian Greenwood's feature on  the verdict in México carried by The Telegraph.

30 March 2003

Peter & Leni Gillman in the Mail on Sunday covered the verdict, when Cen Yam was finally sentenced in Cozumel, and commented on the derisory nature of his fine and punishment.

17 March 2003

The Guardian website carried the planned coverage of Jean's trip to México.   

7 March 2003

The campaign was featured on BBC Television News, London.  It was also on the BBC online pages. 

11 February 2003

The Scotsman newspaper had a one page article on the campaign.  It was also featured in the London Evening Standard last week.

3 February 2003

BBC Radio 5  Live carried a brief interview with Jean.

2 February 2003

Read Vanessa Thorpe's article in The Observer: "Who really killed my Kirsty?" asks mother, "Campaigners want answers about the mysterious death of singer Kirsty MacColl in México two years ago."

8 January 2003

Jean appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's Gary Robertson show on Thursday 9 January. (real audio)

15 December 2002

The campaign was featured in the newspaper The Mail On Sunday on 15th December. 
Read the full transcript of Peter & Leni Gillman's initial article.

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