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An open letter to Guillermo Gonzalez Nova from Jean MacColl

One of my key objectives in going to México was to meet with Señor Nova. However repeated requests were declined so I requested a representative of the Méxican Government to personally hand Señor Nova my letter in the hope of a response. This was accomplished but to date I am still awaiting the courtesy of a reply. Not even an acknowledgement has been received which is why I have chosen to make this very private letter public as part of the campaign.

We are now in the fourth year since my daughter, Kirsty MacColl, was killed. There has been not one word of regret or apology from you for your part in this tragedy.

I represent a small family of four. We are still grieving and, as a result of Kirsty's death, her brother (my son) suffered a heart attack, from which has still not recovered.

There are still no resolutions to the questions raised following the accident. My two grandsons have seen something no children should ever see – their mother killed. They suffered the trauma of her violent and horrific death.

None of the Gonzalez Nova family has expressed the slightest regret. I want to ask you, if one of your sons had been killed, how would you have reacted? You have no conception of what the loss of my daughter has done to me. I had a loving and intimate relationship with her, which your family has destroyed.

You were heard and reported as saying that you were in control and command of the boat at the time of the accident, and you would take full responsibility for what happened. However, soon after that, seaman Cen Yam was charged with driving the boat. To my mind and in my estimation there is very great doubt over Cen Yam’s prosecution. I do not believe that he killed Kirsty.

What you first said after the accident seemed to be spoken in a moment of extreme emotion and were the words of an honourable man. Now four years later, your reputation lies in ruins. I think that you, Mr Gonzalez Nova, have been very ill-advised by your lawyers. They have been trying to protect you in every way, and in so doing, you have discarded your prestige and honour.

My family has heard rumours from Cozumel that we are only after money. I take great offence at that, since all that I have ever wanted is to seek justice for my daughter’s death.

My daughter Kirsty was a world-class singer, musician and song-writer. She was renowned and loved by everyone who knew her and her work. She was a loving and devoted mother whom her two sons have lost. She is irreplaceable to all of us.

Kirsty loved México, and Cozumel in particular. She chose to take her boys there for a short holiday before Christmas, after a gruelling work schedule. To those she left behind, it is an appalling irony that she should have suffered a violent, cruel and completely avoidable death there.

I came to México, and went to Cozumel, to seek the truth about how my beautiful, loving daughter was killed. I still do not know the truth, but I will not rest until I have found it.


Jean MacColl

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