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Bono dedicates song to Kirsty in Monterrey, government reaction

13 February 2006

The Méxican government promised justice for British pop singer Kirsty MacColl the night after U2 dedicated a song to her ("I still haven't found what I'm looking for") in a concert in the Méxican city of Monterrey. Ruben Aguilar, spokesman for President Vicente Fox, said that federal investigators will soon resolve the case of MacColl, who was killed by a power boat whilst scuba diving in the Caribbean resort of Cozumel in December 2000. "The investigation has to offer results," Aguilar said in a news conference. "The federal government is following this situation."

Postcard to the President

December 2006: The postcards were updated for the new government in México. View or (right click to) download the leaflet in PDF format by selecting the following links: Leaflet (details) and Leaflet (front). If you can print them back to back on light card you will have your own leaflet. You could also send a simple printout in an envelope. Every little can help!

Presidente de la República
Residencia Oficial de los Pinos Casa Miguel Alemán
Col. San Miguel Chapultepec, C.P. 11850, DISTRITO FEDERAL,

Federal Prosecutor in Cozumel found liable for breach of Authority.

6 May 2006

Rsolution document (scanned)The Office of Public Affairs for the Federal Government of México have advised our lawyer that Emilio Cortez Ramirez, the Federal Prosecutor in Cozumel who Jean and the Campaign team filed new evidence with during the visit in March 2004 has been found liable for breach of authority for failure to register our appeal and the proceedings as formal criminal investigations. The office of the Attorney General has been ordered to apply administrative penalties and fine the prosecutor who we understand has been removed from his former post. See the original document.

Whilst this ruling may not have a direct impact on the outcome of the ongoing criminal investigations it does confirm that this Federal Prosecutor did not follow correct procedures, acted improperly and impeded our lawyer.

This is a direct result of the complaints filed by Jean and Louis with our lawyer and Fred Shortland at the Office of the Attorney General on their last visit to México in June 2005

This ruling strengthens our position with regard to other outstanding issues before the Office of the Attorney General that have still not been resolved and should the case be filed with the Inter American Commission of Human Rights the negligence of the prosecutor has been clearly confirmed.

Whilst this is a step in the right direction we still await Justice!

Progress on the criminal investigation is unacceptably slow despite numerous promises by the Office of the Attorney Generals Office that matters would be resolved by the end of last year. How much longer do we have to wait? Justice for Kirsty is long overdue!

Kirsty's ashes scattered in Cuba

8 May 2006

My  close family and friends have just returned from Cuba, where Kirsty's ashes were scattered off the coast of Havana at her sons' request. This was a place were she found great musical inspiration and enjoyed the warmth and friendliness of fellow musicians and the Cuban people.

It was a very simple ceremony and Omar Puente, Cuban violinist and friend, played the piece he had especially composed for Kirsty. During the outward journey, the boat was accompanied by a flying fish.  Normally these fish are only seen much further out to sea and even Omar had not seen one before. You will remember that this fish was the logo on Kirsty's last CD. We all felt that she was with us.

We quietly said our farewells and threw flowers over the blue water.  There were a few tears as we hugged each other. We were all quiet as we headed back. Bright sun, blue sky, a gentle breeze and the only sound the lapping of the water against the boat helped us to understand Kirsty's love of this island.

A gold disc was presented to the Kirsty MacColl Library of the Music School. It is being renovated prior to the new intake of students.

It was a very short visit but everyone found time to explore the old city and hear some local music.

And now, we continue the struggle.  You will see from the earlier news that we have had a small success but we still have a long way to go.

With best wishes to you all,

Jean MacColl

Soho Square fans reunion on 8th October

1 November 2006

The annual meeting of Kirsty's fans, friends and family took place as usual on the Sunday closest to Kirsty's birthday, this year it was the 8th of October.

Jean and her campaign team were once again present in the square to keep the fans updated with the latest news about the campaign's progress. Afterwards it was on with the guitars and down with the pints and red wine as usual also!

This year our lawyer from México, Demetrio Guerra, flew over to join in our celebration of Kirsty's birthday. He gave a short update of our progress and was given a great welcome.

Lexington Research Institute raises JFK case

3 November 2006

Carl Horowitz wrote of the campaign at vdare.com with his own commentary and conclusions relating to the case.

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