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New Year message from Jean MacColl

Dear Friends,

I would like to send you all my thanks and very good wishes for 2007. We have come a long way together and the journey is not yet over. Neither is our determination. With each year we have learnt more about perjury and corruption in México.

Your support by sending the first postcards in their hundreds brought responses if not a resolution. We are making headway and now need your support to send off the new post cards and letters. There is a new President and government and we are determined to continue our efforts in seeking a JUST resolution.

I hold Gonzalez Nova responsible for Kirsty's death. He has lied about the speed of the boat, its positon in the water and who was driving. One has to ask oneself, why? Was he fearful of losing a substantial sum of money? Did his money mean more to him than admitting his family were responsible for the the death of a young mother?

Well, he reckoned without Kirsty's family and friends throughout the world and until we have a JUST resolution, the fight continues. I am well aware that had this death happened to an unknown tourist the Gonzalez family would have got away with it.

But they reckoned without all of us and in helping Kirsty, we will be bringing some justice México.

Please send our new postcards and letters in their hundreds from across the world.

I would like to thank Fred Shortland for his guidance, Philip Rambow, John Dalby, Charlie Dickins, Claire Iden and Alan Officer. Also Georgia Rambow for her help in the school holidays over the last six years.

My thanks go to Bono for his support and to Kirsty's old friends, the Pogues.Wherever they play, the campaign is mentioned.

Thank you all for your letters of support. We know we are having an effect. We hope that this year will see a satisfactory resolution.

My very best wishes,
Jean MacColl.

Justice For Kirsty now on MySpace

To increase the exposure to the campaign, we now have a MySpace profile at www.myspace.com/justiceforkirsty which will run in parallel with this site, so if you prefer to get your updates through MySpace you may now do so!

Amnesty International

You may find the Amnesty International report on México of interest.

Soho Square 2007 ... and a new Book

Sunday, 7th October was probably one of the best gatherings we have ever had in Soho Square. Newcomers mixed happily with regulars like John Miranda who came from San Francisco, his seventh successive visit. He played guitar with the Norwegians who were welcomed for the first time. A semi-professional group of singers and musicias, they were fans of Kirsty and were a great hit. They promised to bring the rest of their group next year.

I was happy to announce our new book out next April 2nd 2008. I have written Kirsty's biography and John Dalby, Fred Shortland and myself have wtitten about the campaign up to the present day. The book was really in answer to the many requests we have had for more anecdotes.

Although long periods seem to elapse before we give updates on the progress of our campain, rest assured that we are more determined than ever to continue the fight for justice for Kirsty. Meanwhile, there is a difficult time ahead for me as Christmas draws near but the warmth of your affection shown on Sunday (and the much improved confident singing!) sustain me.

The brass bands can now play 'Fairytale' so we may hear them and, of course, I have to promote the book. We need it to go across the world to state our case for 'an accident that should never have happened' and that we know the real culprits have so far escaped justice.

With best wishes to friends evrywhere, Jean MacColl.

Kirsty remembered

As the seventh anniversary of Kirsty's death off Cozumel Island in México passes, the campaign in her name continues. This has become an annual time of reflection, and fans around the world continue to post to forums and blog their memories - see Wes Eichenwald's recollections of the time.

Feature in the Sunday Telegraph

There is an interview with Jean in the Sunday Telegraph dated 23rd December 2007. Olga Craig's article points out that the inquiry into Kirsty's death "would be reopened after being quietly shelved a few months ago" and that new subpoenas are to be served by January 15 on two witnesses to the incident.

Fairytale of New York rises again

The now perennial Christmas hit, The Pogues' Fairytale of New York, featuring Kirsty of course, is the fourth best selling song in the UK in Christmas week. Its 2007 success has been fuelled by a short lived censorship of some of its lyrics by BBC Radio 1, a decision which was rapidly reversed after some fair public outcry, particularly highlighting the fact that it has been played unaltered for the preceding twenty years! The profile of the Campaign can only benefit.

Message from Jean MacColl

I am very aware that this is the end of the 7th year since Kirsty's death and the Méxicans are still shielding a man known to both the government and the judiciary. They must stop trying to find excuses to let him off the hook.

I am not asking for a jail sentence, simply an admission of guilt which seems to be beyond their powers or a new trial and full investigation with new witnesses. This latter seems umlikely. Too risky, perhaps for Gonzalez?

So, much as I don't want it (and neither do they), the court of Human Rights seems the only solution. Perhaps Gonzalez should reflect on how his behaviour to escape blame has led to shaming his country. I have no time for the judiciary's quandary. Thank you all for still being engaged in the fight as it starts its eighth year.

The book still has a last page empty for an acceptable resolution.

Christmas greetings and a peaceful and Happy New Year.


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