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12 October 2004

Campaign activities update

The profile of the campaign was again boosted by the annual gathering of Kirsty's fans at Soho Square in London, with many generous donations and auctioned items attracting healthy prices. Fred Shortland asked the fans to continue sending postcards to México, and to continue to lobby their MPs. Every one of these letters sent to MPs has to be followed up due to the parliamentary process. and they are all escalated into the Foreign Office. Jean also reiterated her appeal for support before the fans headed towards the pub for some refreshments and to celebrate Kirsty's life in the now traditional fashion - a sing-song.

Last Friday Jean also appeared on the Kelly Show on Ulster television, which attracted a large response from viewers.

We have learned that the BBC documentary attracted the largest viewing figures for any documentary feature on the channel, and on the days it was shown there was a massive increase in traffic to both this website and Kirsty's own site (www.kirstymaccoll.com). The Q&A responses from Jean and BBC viewers is now online.

14 September 2004

Documentary screens September 24-26 on BBC4

The documentary "Who Killed Kirsty MacColl" will be screened on BBC4 this month: Friday 24th at 22:00, Saturday 25th at 01:40 and 23:00, also Sunday 26th at 03:00.

The BBC4 Interactive website for the documentary is now live and includes an interview with the director, Olivia Lichtenstein, and also a Q&A session with Kirsty's mother Jean.

The BBC documentary "The Life and Songs of Kirsty MacColl" (first shown on BBC2 in January 2001) is reshown on Friday 24 September at 21:00, and Saturday 25th at midnight.

14 September 2004

All Party Parliamentary Group on México supports the campaign

Following our appeal for supporters to write to their MPs we are pleased to advise that as a result we were contacted by a member of the group who met with Jean MacColl for a full briefing. Our concerns were raised by the group who met the Méxican Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Méxican Ambassador to the UK on Monday 13th of August.

It was encouraging to note that the Minister was fully aware of the Justice for Kirsty Campaign and agreed to review matters and take action if there was any hint of corruption.

We will of course have to wait and see but as far as the campaign is concerned, we have thanks to our loyal and committed supporters been able to raise awareness at the highest levels of Government both in México and the UK. What happens now is down to the Méxican Judiciary!

Our sincere thanks to all our supporters who contacted their MPs. For those who have not yet contacted their MPs via www.faxyourmp.com or other means, could you please do so as it is important to get as many MPs involved as possible and for those that did please continue to maintain contact and copy us with any responses.

Letter writing does work! Please keep up the pressure

With thanks

Jean MacColl

9 September 2004

Buy Kirsty prints and assist the Justice Campaign

Photographer (and long time friend of Kirsty) Charlie Dickins has decided to make some of his photos of Kirsty available for sale, with some of the proceeds going into the Campaign fund. See his new website at www.kirstyprints.com for details.

28 August 2004

"Who Killed Kirsty MacColl?" premieres at Edinburgh TV Festival

TV Festival photo

The premiere of the BBC4 film "Who Killed Kirsty MacColl" took place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, with a guest panel of (L to R) Jean MacColl, producer Olivia Lichtenstein, Senior Commissioning Executive Richard Klein and chair Stephen Armstrong, Sunday Times critic.

The film itself was an excellent and compelling piece of work, starting with Kirsty's life story (including some rare TV appearances) before turning to focus on the events surrounding Kirsty's death and its aftermath, including eye witness accounts and coverage of the campaign team's mission to Cozumel and México City earlier this year. Contributors included Jean, James Knight, Steve Lillywhite, Louis Lillywhite, Fred Shortland, John Dalby, Philip Rambow, Charles Dickins, Demetrio Guerra and eye witnesses from Cozumel.

Jean (Photo)The Q&A session revealed that the film was created as an emotional travelogue rather than a purely investigative reportage, playing to the strengths of Lichtenstein's style. It was also explained that the British Foreign Office had been initially reluctant to lend their support to the campaign, in response to a question from the floor. Jean MacColl presented her case for the continuing pursuit of justice forcefully.

The film will air nationwide in the UK on BBC4 in late September, with a likely screening on BBC2 at a later date.


22 August 2004

Important news for UK Campaign supporters - Call for new letter writing action


An APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group for México) was established on 21st of July 2004 at the Palace of Westminster. 48 Parliamentarians from all political parties in both the House of Commons & House of Lords established this group. The Aim is to strengthen relations between México & the UK. The Méxican Ambassador to the UK Sr Bremer said, " I celebrate the creation of group because it offers a permanent channel of communication to peruse political dialogue between our countries".

The officers are Andrew Love MP (Chair) Liberal Democrat Peer Baroness Miller (Vice Chair), John Wilkinson MP (Sec), Anthony Steen MP as treasurer.

This is excellent news for Justice for Kirsty Campaign - Why?

APPG's offer a specialist-dedicated channel of communication for México . As an All Party Group all Members are free to join. Justice for Kirsty has volunteers experienced in working with APPG's. This Group will have a direct line to the Méxican Embassy and a great deal of influence as it represents House of Commons & House of Lords.

It will enable us to increase campaign capacity via formal diplomatic channels and put a great deal of pressure on the Méxican Embassy in London and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in México which is urgently required.

What do we want you to do?

Please write to your local MP via www.faxyourmp.com - a free service - pointing out your concerns about the gross miscarriage of justice in Kirsty MacColl case and lack of progress by the Méxican authorities.

Invite them to visit our website www.justiceforkirsty.org to obtain the latest information and invite them to join the new APPG on México by contacting Andrew Love MP to represent your interests in the case as their constituent.

Please write in your own words as MP's do not respond well to standard letters a personal approach is much more effective. If you need any further information or support please contact us for guidance. Please copy us with your request and forward any replies so we may measure the response.

Thanking you for your continued and invaluable support.

Jean MacColl

18 August 2004

The campaign is featured in BBC News Online, in addition there was an interview with Jean MacColl on BBC Radio 4 Womans Hour this week. The Sunday Herald also featured the campaign on the 22nd.

1 August 2004

The campaign continues to attract media attention with a major piece by Alix Kirsta in The Telegraph - and in The Times, Sky News, The Express and the Daily Record.

These follow articles in the past week in the Croydon Guardian, Reuters, Yahoo, The Malaysia Star, BBC, NME and the Irish Examiner. Jean has been interviewed on BBC London News and Sky News. Last weekend's Times and Sunday Times carried an updated feature by Karin Goodwin on the progress of the Campaign.

21 July 2004

The one hour BBC documentary "Justice For Kirsty" is to be featured in the Edinburgh Television Festival on 27/28 August. The BBC's Olivia Lichtenstein will be the guest panellist, Kirsty's mother Jean will also be attending.

"Singer/songwriter Kirsty MacColl was enjoying a particularly happy and creative time in her both personal and professional life, when on 18th December 2000, she was killed by a speed boat belonging to one of México’s wealthiest businessmen. Featuring explosive new evidence, Justice for Kirsty is the moving story of 80 year old Jean MacColl’s search for the truth about her daughter’s untimely death and her attempts to bring those she believes are responsible to justice."

The documentary will be screened on BBC4 in the Autumn.

Meanwhile Spain has joined the Campaign through Juan Remarque, who runs a big music web site from Tenerife and is very keen to be part of us.

2 June 2004

Sport Diver magazine – The magazine of the PADI Diving Society - featured the campaign in its May 2004 edition.

30 May 2004

Jean MacColl has decided to make public a letter she wrote to Guillermo Gonzalez Nova.

Read the letter and find out why she has published it.

18 April 2004

Jean has prepared a message to all campaign supporters.

4 April 2004

El Universal carries a feature by Corrie MacLaggan online.

1 April 2004

The Times newspaper carries an article by Elizabeth Mistry about the México trip. (If the link does not work, you can also read the article here)

17 March 2004

México City: meetings with the Méxican Authorities

Jean shaking hands with Lic Daniel F. Cabeza de Vaca Hernandez, Minister responsible for judicial matters, Human Rights at the Ministry of Government.

With Dr Gabriel Szekely at the Méxican Ministry of Tourism.

With MA. De Lourdez Aranda, Minister at the Méxican Foreign Office.

At the British Embassy in México City with Mr Mark Kent, representative of the British Ambassador to México.

Mexico City

L to R: Demetrio Guerra (JFK Lawyer), Jean MacColl, John Dalby, Fred Shortland at Los Pinos - the Offical Residence of President Fox.

The Justice for Kirsty Campaign moved on from Cozumel to México City on Monday 15th. This heralded the second phase of the trip, which involved pursuing the authorities.

In one week Jean and her colleagues have been able to voice their concerns in unprecedented meetings at the very highest level. This has included briefing senior ministers at The Méxican Foreign Office, The Ministry of Tourism, The British FCO, The Attorney General’s office and at Los Pinos, the official residence of Presidente Fox.

The Committee has been heartened and bolstered by the reception they received. The Méxican Authorities have been unswerving in their pledges and determination to help, and the JFK party have been suitably convinced that there will be some real change in Méxican law enforcement that will endeavour to protect against any possible re-occurrence of the tragedy that befell the MacColl family. The Ministers have been attentive, compassionate and understanding; all of which has been of great comfort to Jean.

For the first time in three and a half years Jean has been apologised to and has been offered sympathy for her family’s loss. The achievements of the party have been extraordinary on all fronts; diplomatic, political and legal.

The Campaign must now change its focus to raising funds to ensure that the costs involved in continuing the legal battle to get Justice for Kirsty and to secure a fitting tribute to her memory can be met.

Jean has achieved something quite extraordinary, something that would have made Kirsty extremely proud and something that is inspirational to all. The two weeks spent in México must be seen as an unmitigated success.

12 March 2004

A Triumph for the Justice for Kirsty Campaign

 (photo of Jean with papers) Jean MacColl waves her papers triumphantly as she emerges from the Federal Prosecutor's office in Cozumel, México on March 12.

Accompanied by lawyer Demetrio Guerra and Campaign supporter Fred Shortland, Jean began her legal fight to call Kirsty's killers to account.

Jean presented a dossier of new evidence to the Federal Prosecutor. The stunned official immediately rejected the dossier, but Lawyer Guerra persuaded him to examine the contents carefully.

A gruelling three-hour wait ensued while the Federal Prosecutor read the file: eventually he accepted the documents.

We believe the Federal Prosecutor will feel compelled to notify Jean that he accepts the evidence and will start a new investigation.

After three years of campaigning the jubilant trio told their waiting supporters that the next phase was under way. With the stakes high, the Campaign must continue to raise money to fund the vital task of scruitinising the newly launched legal process.

10 March 2004

A Memorial for Kirsty in Cozumel

 (photo of Jean with wreath) Kirsty's mother, Jean MacColl, led a deeply poignant memorial ceremony at the place over the coral reef where Kirsty died.

A small launch carried Jean and a dozen supporters from the simple jetty at Playa Corona. Jean cast a beautiful wreath of tropical flowers onto the sea. It bore a ribbon with the simple inscription: Kirsty - Goodbye to an Angel.

Then the group listened to family friend John Dalby speak a moving verse of remembrance from one of Kirsty's songs.

 (photo of wreath on the water) Each member of the party dropped a single rose after the wreath. A few minutes of silent contemplation and tears followed as people in the group each remembered Kirsty in their own hearts. Then, as the sun set over the limpid water the launch returned to the pier.

Photos: Charles Dickins

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