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News Archive 2003

Jean thanks the fans19 December 2002

The campaign was featured in the newspaper "The Mail On Sunday" on 15th December.   A brief synopsis of the article is now included in the factsheet

8 January 2003

Jean appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's Gary Robertson show on Thursday 9 January.

2 February 2003

Read Vanessa Thorpe's article in The Observer: "Who really killed my Kirsty?" asks mother, "Campaigners want answers about the mysterious death of singer Kirsty MacColl in México two years ago."

3 February 2003

BBC Radio 5  Live carried a brief interview with Jean.  Donations continue to arrive.

11 February 2003

The Scotsman newspaper had a one page article on the campaign.  It was also featured in the London Evening Standard last week.

7 March 2003

The campaign was featured on BBC Television News, London.  It is also on the BBC online pages. 

16 March 2003

In response to our appeal for specialist support we are pleased to advise that a leading human rights activist and international campaign specialist with first hand experience in México and Central America has come on board as a volunteer to strengthen and develop our campaign strategy. At the moment he is working with Jean, our legal team and liasing with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Méxican Government. 

17 March 2003

The Guardian website carries the planned coverage of Jean's trip to México by filmmaker Robin Bextor.   

27 March 2003

The court found boathand Cen Yam guilty of negligent homicide. Upon payment of the fine of $1,029 pesos (approx. £61), Cen Yam will pay his way out of jail. However, his failure to pay (or deposit with the Court) the criminal award for the benefit of the MacColl family will not operate to restrain his liberty. Local counsel anticipates that Cen Yam will be depositing the full award and paying the fine to commute the sentence. The time for appeal expires on March 31st. The court clerk believes that Cen Yam will not appeal.  

Kirsty's life has been valued at £61.  The campaign continues.

31 March 2003

Read the feature on  the verdict in México carried by The Telegraph.

26 April 2003

You can now send donations to Jean for her campaign by means of either a direct cash transfer into the campaign bank account or via PayPal in various currencies: see the information panel on the left for full details.

12 October 2003

The campaign profile was again raised by Jean as part of the annual meeting of Kirsty's fans in Soho Square in London, followed by a feature in The Independent newspaper the following day. Here's Jean in the Square thanking the fans for their valued and ongoing support.

23 September 2003

Jean has penned an open letter to supporters

19 October 2003

Welcome support for the campaign from major rock band U2 - there is now a link to the campaign on their web page.

23 December 2003

In an end of year message to all campaign supporters, Jean MacColl thanks everyone involved for their continued efforts, and says that the letters and postcards to the Méxican President are having an effect, and he is well aware of the campaign.

Read Jean's Christmas message in full.

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